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P E R I O D I C A L S   I N   B U L G A R I A N
Title Language(s) N/M ISSN_____ Frequency
24 Chassa
Economics , politics, sports , entertainment news
Bulgarian Newspaper 0861-4067 360
National daily newspaper
Bulgarian Newspaper 360
Economics ,politics, sports, entertainment news, analyses
Bulgarian Newspaper 1310-3091 360
Official edition of the Bulgarian Socialist Party
Bulgarian Newspaper 0861-1943 312
Economics ,politics, sports,entertainment news, analyses,interviews with public figures,colour print
Bulgarian Newspaper 360
Miscellaneous news, a daily for the Bulgarian family
Bulgarian Newspaper 312
Kapital dayly
Political,cultural and mostly economic analyses.
Bulgarian Newspaper 1311-7661 255
Miscellaneous news
Bulgarian Newspaper 0861-797X 360
Political ,economic comments and analyses .
Bulgarian Newspaper 1311-3186 312
168 chassa
Weekly review of political, cultural ,sports and economic life
Bulgarian Newspaper 0861-135X 52
Political ,business and econ-omic surveys:social issues
Bulgarian Newspaper 1310-7984 50
Durzhaven vestnik
State gazette
Bulgarian Newspaper 0205-0900 126
Official edition of the Ministry of Culture
Bulgarian Newspaper 0861-1408 48
Literaturen vestnik
A weekly edition of young intellectuals in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Newspaper 1310-9561 48
Tsurkoven vestnik
Official edition of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Bulgarian Newspaper 0205-1362 26
Vestnik za zhenata
Women’s weekly
Bulgarian Newspaper 1310-0440 52
The Sofia Echo
Bulgarian newspaper in English that contains news and Bulgaria, business information, cultural and political chronicles and entertainment section.
English Newspaper 12
A scientific journal in the field of archaeology. Summary in French
Bulgarian/ French Magazine 0324-1203 4
Akusherstvo I ginekologia
Specialized edition for obstetrics and gynecology
Bulgarian Magazine 0324-0959 6
Published by the Union of Architects in Bulgaria
bulgarian Magazine 0324-1254 6
Avtomatika I informatika
Scientific and practical publications in the field of automation and informatics
Bulgarian Magazine 0861-7562 3
A specialized magazine for food and drinks
Bulgarian Magazine 1311-2775 12
Banki Investitsii Pari. Almanakh. Banks Investments Money. Almanac
Text in Bulgarian and English. This is a review of Bulgarian bank and financial area during 2008. It covers the following fields: Commercial banks, Branches of Foreign Banks and Financial Institutions.
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 1311-7947 1
Women’s magazine
Bulgarian Magazine 1311- 7084 12
Bulgarska etnologiia
Scientific journal of the Ethnographic Institute and Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.Summary in English
Bulgarian Magazine 1310-5213 4
Bulgarska kardiologiia
Published by Society of Cardiology in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Magazine 1310-7488 4
Bulgaristika / BULGARICA
Newsletter Bulgaristika/Bulgarica is published by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 1311-8544 2
Bulgarski ezik I literatura
Scientific and methodological journal, published by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Bulgarian Magazine 0323-9519 6
Bulgarski ezik
Issued by the Institute of the Bulgarian language at the Bulgarian Academy of Science.
Bulgarian Magazine 0005-4283 4
Bulgarski folklor
Scientific journal of the Institute of Folklor at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Bulgarian Magazine 0323-9861 4
Bulgarsko muzikoznanie
Scientific journal of the Institute of Music at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-823X 4
The journal of Balkan Linguistics publishes studies of theoretical problems of Balkan linguistics,
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 0324-1653 3
A free time magazine
Bulgarian Magazine 1312-0921 52
Journal "Reports of the Academy of Sciences" is published in English, concise scientific reports, reflecting the new, unpublished results of studies in the mathematical, physical, chemical, biological and medical sciences,
Bulgarian/ English French Magazine 0366-8681 12
One of the leading magazine about the woman
Bulgarian Magazine 12
Ekologia I badeshte
Science magazine for agricultural and forestry science
Bulgarian Magazine 1312-0751 4
Ekologichno inzhinerstvo I opazvane na okolnata sreda/Ecological Engineering and Evroiment protection
The magazine published a review of materials relevant scientific issues and scientific discussions, scientific and applied science articles
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 1311 - 8668 4
Journal of the Bulgarian Society of Pharmacy
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 0428-0296 4
Literary magazine
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-9783 6
Filosofski alternativi
Published by the Institute of Philosophy at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Bulgarian Magazine 0861-7899 6
Finansi I Pravo
Digest of “Labour and Law”Publishing house. Financial and law news
Bulgarian Magazine 12
Scientific methodological journal for physics
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-6946 6
Geopolitika & geostrategia
Magazine for geopolitics. It contains many interesting analyses in the area of geopolitics and geostrategy by Bulgarian and foreign authors.
Bulgarian Magazine 1312-4579 6
Inzhenerni nauki
Engineering science is the largest Bulgarian academic journal in the field of technical sciences
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 1312-5702 4
Ikonomicheski izsledvania/Economic Studies
Published by Institute of Economics. It publishes research results dealing with important and interesting contemporary economic problems. Studies are published both in Bulgarian and English
Bulgarian English Magazine 0205-3292 4
Ikonomicheska misul
Published by the Institute of Economics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Bulgarian Magazine 0013-2993 6
Ikonomika i Upravlenie na Selskoto Stopanstvo
A magazine about farming management
Bulgarian Magazine 0205-3845 6
Istoricheski pregled
Published by the Institute of History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Scientific papers by history scholars
Bulgarian Magazine 0323-9748 6
Klinichna I konsultativna psikhologia
"Clinical and Counseling Psychology." This is the first and only Bulgarian scientific journal in this field.
Bulgarian Magazine 1314-0280 4
Lozarstvo i vinarstvo
A magazine about the Bulgarian vine-growing and wine-producing.
Bulgarian Magazine 0458-4244 6
Mashinostroene I elektronika
The journal of the Engineering Industries in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Magazine 0025-455X 12
Meditsinski pregled
Multiprofile medical journal for original studies-review articles,original papers,case report
Bulgarian Magazine 1312-2193 4
Meditsinski pregled - Detski I infekcionni bolesti
Includes original articles, literature reviews and abstracts of foreign scientific medical publications in the field of children's diseases, incl. Neonatology - allergology, endocrinology and metabolism diseases, cardiology, nephrology.. etc.
Bulgarian Magazine 0324-1122 2
Meditsinski pregled - Endokrinni zaboliavania
Includes original articles, literature reviews and abstracts of foreign scientific medical publications in the field of endocrinology and metabolism diseases
Bulgarian Magazine 0324-1475 2
Meditsinski pregled - Sestrinsko delo
Nursing "is a specialized scientific medical journal, addresses the problem of sisterhood
Bulgarian Magazine 1310-7496 3
Meditsinski pregled - Nevrologiia I psikhiatria
includes original articles and book reviews from leading Bulgarian specialists and abstracts of foreign scientific medical publications in the field of nerve diseases, psychiatry, incl. pediatric neurology and psychiatry and neurosurgery
Bulgarian Magazine 1311-6584 2
Meditsinski pregled - Meditsinsi menidzhmant I zdravna politika
includes original articles, literature reviews and abstracts of foreign scientific medical publications in the field of social medicine, health economics, medical informatics and health management, medical education, etc.
Bulgarian Magazine 1312-0336 3
Meditsinski pregled - Savremenna stomatologiia"
Contains both original articles and essays on interesting publications from abroad.
Bulgarian Magazine 1310-8999 3
Meditsinski pregled - Srdechno-sadovi zaboliavania
.The thematic range of the journal includes materials in the field of cardiology– internal diseases, pediatric cardiology, thoracic surgery, cardiosurgery, VASCULAR SURGERY and angiology .
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-6865 3
Meditsinski pregled - Khirurgichni zaboliavania
Original articles, literature reviews and abstracts of foreign scientific medical publications in the field of surgery - thoracic, pediatric, oncology, plastic and vascular surgery
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-5389 2
Mezhdunarodni otnoshenia
A journal for politics, economics and diplomacy
Bulgarian Magazine 0324-1029 6
Minno delo I geologia
The magazine deals with the problems of the Bulgarian mining and geology.
Bulgarian Magazine 0861-5713 10
Nash dom
House furnishing ,ideas and schemes
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-5060 12
Nachalno obrazovanie
Primary education
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-4951 10
Nauka za gorata
Scientific journal in the field of Forestry
Bulgarian Magazine 0861-007X 4
Education and profession
Bulgarian Magazine 1310-8751 6
Pazar I pravo
Digest of ‘Labour and Law” publishing house Law information and advice
Bulgarian Magazine 12
Bulgarian Magazine 0479-7876 4
Pochvoznanie,agrohimia I ekologia
Soul Science Agrochemistry and Ecology
Bulgarian English Magazine 0861-9425 4
PC Magazine - Bulgaria
Computer science
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 1310-3229 12
A magazine for literature,art and essays
Bulgarian Magazine 0032-0528 12
Pravna misul
Published by the Institute of Law at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Bulgarian Magazine 0032-6968 4
Preduchilishtno vuzpitanie
Scientific,methodological journal for children`s education
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-7004 10
Problemi na izkustvoto
A quarterly for art ,history theory ,and critique
Bulgarian Magazine 0032-9371 4
Problemi na geographiiata
It is the only specialized academic geographical research issue in Bulgaria. It printed articles and scientific reports, discussion materials, scientific reviews, comments and reviews, is marked anniversaries, etc.
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-7209 4
Impact of depressive disorders on quality of life of patients
Bulgarian Magazine 1312-1847 4
Rastenievadni nauki
Magazine published in Bulgarian and English language original research articles, short communications and reviews covering virtually all areas of horticulture: plant genetics, cell and tissue culture, genetic engineering,
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 0568-465X 6
Edition of the Bulgarian Society for Rheumatology
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 1310-0505 4
A journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science
English Magazine 1312-3963 2
Selskostopanska nauka
Edition of the National Center for Agricultural Sciences
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 1311-3534 6
Selskostopanska tekhnika
Edition of the National Center for Agricultural Sciences
Bulgarian/ English Magazine 0037-1718 6
A magazine for latest Bulgarian and foreign works of literature.
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-6962 4
Suvremenno pravo
Academic legal journal
Bulgarian Magazine 0861-1815 4
Sbornik zakoni
Collection of Bulgarian laws
Bulgarian Magazine 0861-4776 12
Sobstvenost I pravo
Digest of ‘Labour and Law’ Publishing House. Laws and legal advice
Bulgarian Magazine 1312-9473 12
Buildings construction
Bulgarian Magazine 0562-1852 6
Turgovsko I konkurentno pravo
Digest of ‘Labour and Law’ Publishing House. Laws and legal advice
Bulgarian Magazine 12
Trud I pravo
Digest of ‘Labour and Law’ Publishing House Law information
Bulgarian Magazine 1312-9481 12
Zhelezopaten transport
The magazine deals with the problems of the Bulgarian railway transport.
Bulgarian Magazine 1310-683X 12
Zhivotnovadni nauki
The magazine deals with the problems of the Bulgarian stock-breeding science.
Bulgarian Magazine 0514-7441 6
Hranitelno-vkusova promishlenost
This is a magazine about the Bulgarian food processing industry.
Bulgarian Magazine 1311-0179 12
Hranitelna nauka.Tekhika I tekhnologii/Food science.Engineering and technologies
Food science.Engineering and technologies. Text in Bulgarian. Summary in English. Some of the articles in English.
Bulgarian English Magazine 1314-3913 2
Voennoistoricheski sbornik
It is a periodical of Military History Commission at the Headquarters of the army.
Bulgarian Magazine 0204-4080 6
Uridicheski sviat
The journal aims to publish papers, articles and other material relevant to jurisprudence, legislation, jurisprudence, international law, legal education
Bulgarian Magazine 1311-3480 2
Business, management, investments
Bulgarian Magazine 1312-3017 12
P E R I O D I C A L S   I N   E N G L I S H
Title Language(s) N/M ISSN_____ Frequency
Arkheologica Bulgarica
Edition for archeological researches
English Magazine 1310-9537 3
Acta Medica Bulgarica
Reflect the status and the achievements of the Bulgarian medical science.
English Magazine 0324-1750 2
Acta Zoologica Bulgarica
Publishes original scientific papers and reviews on the basic problems on the Bulgarian and Balkan fauna mainly, ecology of terrestrial and aquatic fauna (including Black Sea fauna), parasitology, palaeozoology, biology of development, population genetics
English Magazine 0324-0770 3
Bulgarian journal of Agricultural Science
Publisher: Agricultural Academy
English Magazine 1310-0351 6
Bulgarian journal of veterinary medicine
The magazine deals with the problems of the contemporary veterinary medicine.
English Magazine 1311-1477 4
Bulgarian Journal of Ecological Science ECOLOGY AND FUTURE
This magazine deals with the problems of ecological science
English Magazine 1312-076Õ 4
Bulgarian historical review
Research quarterly, edition of the Institute of History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Papers in English, German, French and Russian.
English, German, French and Russian Magazine 0204-8906 4
Bulgarian Journal of Physics
Scientiphic journal in the area of phisics in English
English Magazine 1310-0157 4
Bulgarian Chemical Communications/Izvestia po khimia
The journal BULGARIAN CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS publishes research papers and invited reviews in all branches of Chemistry:
English Magazine 0324-1130 4
Biotechnology & Technological Equipment
The magazine deals with the problems of the contemporary bioyechnology
English Magazine 1310-2818 4
Etudes balkanique
The magazine deals with the balkanistic problems.
French Magazine 0324-1645 4
European journal of Tourism research
The European Journal of Tourism Research is an interdisciplinary scientific journal in the field of tourism
English Magazine 1994-7658 2
Information technologies and control
Publishes original scientific and applied surveys, analyses and papers by Bulgarian and foreign authors.
English Magazine 1312-2622 3
Folia medica
Medical journal
English Magazine 0204-8043 4
Geologica Balcanica
Geologica Balcanica is the official journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association
English Magazine 0324-0894 3
Journal of Balkan Tribological Association
It is an International Journal edited together with the Balkan Tribological Association for rapid scientific and other information ,covering all aspects of the processes included in the terms overall tribology,tribomechanics,tribochemistry and tribology.
English Magazine 1310-4772 4
Journal of Mountain Agriculture I the Balkans
This magazine deals with the problems of mountain agricultire on the Balkans.
English Magazine 1311-0489 4
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
This magazine deals with the problems of theoretical and applied mechanics.
English Magazine 0861-6663 4
Journal of Materials Science and Technology
This magazine deals with the problems of materials science and technoloigy.
English Magazine 0861-9786 4
Journal of Geometry and Symmetry in Physics
The Journal of Geometry and Symmetry in Physics is a fully-refereed, independent international journal.
English Magazine 1312 - 5192 2
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology
This is an official journal of B.EN.A. for protection of the environmental and sustainable development of the region.This International Journal is edited by the Balkan Environmental Association(B.EN.A) for rapid scientic and other information,covering all
English Magazine 1311-5065 4
Matematica Balkanica
The journal presents full-length articles that reflect significant advances in the areas of current mathematical interest and activity.
English Magazine 0205-3217 4
Meetings in Phisics
Scientiphic journal in the area of phisics in English
English Magazine 1
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology: Nanostructed Materials, Application and Innovation Transfer Vol. 10
The issue contains the contributions to the regular 11th Workshop "Nanoscience & Nanotechnology", devoted to the 140th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Academy of Science in October, 2009. Nanoengeneering. Nanomethrology. Nanomagentism". The edition also incl
English Magazine 1313-8995 1
Oxidation Communications
This is an International Journal for rapid communications, covering all aspects of the oxidation processes and wide range of cross disciplines.
English Magazine 0209-4541 4
Languages : Bulgarian, English,German,French and Russian.Summaries in English,Bulgarian
Bulgarian, English, French, German and Russian Magazine 0204-4021 4
Propagation of Ornamental Plants
The journal is covered by Current Contens/Agriculture,Biology and Enviromental Science and SCIE of Thomson Scientific and by SCOPUS database of Elsevier
English Magazine 1311-9109 4
Series of Biomechanics
Published by the Institute of Bulgarian Society of Biomechanics
English Magazine 1313-2458 4
Silva Balcanica
Edition of the Forest Research Institute
English Magazine 1311-8706 1