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Protect Your Bank Cards with SkimProt

The term "Bank Cards" means for all kinds of cards, issued by banks to their clients and used for cashless transactions. They are debit, credit, virtual cards etc. These cards are used for credits grants; pension payments; they give remote access to different kinds of accounts; etc. Through these cards users perform different kinds of payments and withdraw cash. With the increased use of bank cards the criminal actions against them increase. "Twelve members of an organized criminal group operating in southern California have been charged for their roles in an ATM skimming conspiracy that victimized U.S. banks and customers, causing losses in the hundreds of thousands" – that's the beginning of the crime skimming description /data stealing from bank cards/ on the FBI USA website. That means the users of bank cards are subjected to the utmost data theft risk and bank accounts withdraw by skimming.
Here is the main subject of the skimming process: "The skimming is illegal copying of data from cashless payment cards in order to use them without the knowledge of the cardholders". For that purpose, criminals install additional devices /skimmers/ on the cashless payment terminals. The most common devices record the magnetic stripås data and the PIN code of the cardholder. Subsequently the criminals use that information to make transactions on behalf of the user, to shop and withdraw money from his account. The most common places for skimmers mounting are the ATMs and cashless payment terminals in stores.
The banks issue three types of bank cards.
-> Cards with chip and magnetic stripå
-> Cards with magnetic stripe only
-> Cards with chip only
    The contact chip implementation in the bank cards is newer technology aiming to increase their security. Chip skimming has been conducted in laboratory conditions, but up to now there is no real device able to conduct chip skimming in real conditions. That is why this technology is considered as relatively secure. That’s why to increase the security, some of the banks begin issuing cards only with chip, without magnetic stripå. Such kind of card can’t be skimmed with the common skimmers and it is really more secure. The problem is that this card cannot work all around the world - the ATMs saturation working simultaneously with chip and magnetic stripå is not evenly.
In Bulgaria those kind of ATMs are the bigger percent – over 98 %, unto average for Europe 95 %, 73 % for Russia, 50 % for China, Asia and Australia, 53 % in the USA, 78 % in the Latin America and 76 % in Africa. That’s the reason why banks issue cards working with chip and magnetic stripå. If somebody has a card with chip only, it is possible not to be able to conduct transaction, thus the terminal which is using don’t support those kinds of cards. Taking into account the time for ATM replacing, it is hardly likely in the next 5-6 years the bank cards with chip and magnetic stripå to be suspended.
Fixing the data skimming as a serious problem, two Bulgarians decided to find solution; in result a protection stripå for bank cards was invented. Invented, because the stripå and the principle are protected in the Patent Office and they are globally unique. The stripå’s trade name is SkimProt.
The stripå working principle is elementary. SkimProt has to be glued over the magnetic stripå on the bank card. The special stripå composition, as well as the recorded codes on it, blocks the access to the data, written on the magnetic stripå of the bank card. At the same time give command to the ATM to receive the card and do the transaction using the chip data. If it is used on an ATM with skimmer mounted, the skimmer can’t read the magnetic stripå data, but reads the protection stripå data. Then even if the criminals have stolen the PIN code, they don’t have the enough data to conduct transaction and the bank card is protected. A protection stripå can be used for a long time, until breach appears or begin to unglue. Then the protection stripå has to be changed with a new one.

If the protection stripå user is abroad and get to ATM or terminal doesn’t working with chip, then there are two choices: unglue the protection stripå on his own risk or search for another terminal working with chip.

The protection stripå is designed to be used only on bank cards which have both magnetic stripå and contact chip.

The protection stripå doesn’t hinder using the bank card as access control card when opening doors in places for ATMs. The reliability of the records on the protection stripå is the same as the bank card magnetic stripå reliability, and there aren’t more special conditions to keep and use it /electromagnetic fields influence, X-rays, mechanical, etc./.

When using a SkimProt protected bank card for paying via POS terminal (on a shop pay desk), the card has to be placed on the chip recognizing input. Passing the card through the POS terminal magnetic stripe reader will not lead to transaction.



To use SkimProt for bank card protection it is necessary to keep the following sequence:

1. Clean the bank card magnetic stripå surface from contaminations. It can be cleaned with soft cloth or cotton and water or 40 % solution of alcohol. For the purpose vodka works fine. It shouldn’t be cleaned with acetone or other strong solvents. This can destroy the magnetic stripå of the card.

2. Unglue the protection stripå from the pad where it is placed for selling and glue it over the magnetic stripå of the bank card.

3. Press the SkimProt firmly over the entire surface to fit well. While glue the protection stripå be careful the edges to fit exactly with the bank card edges, not to have protruding, sticking or unglued parts. The rounded edges of the protection stripå have to match the rounded corners of the bank card. If the protection stripå is attached incorrectly, the ATMs will not accept the bank card.

It is not recommended to use second time a protection stripå which has already been unglued from the bank card. It can cause problem with the ATM and bank card retention from the machine. In cases of unsticking, the protection stripå has to be changed with a new one.

With a properly sealed protection stripå, the card can be used as a normal bank card. Unfortunately in cases of data skimming and money withdraw from bank accounts, the burden of proofing unregulated transaction remains on behalf of the victim user. Very often banks don’t recover the full stolen amount, but limit it to just a small sum. SkimProt is able to prevent financial losses, save troubles and time loss to the bank cards users.

Although the bank money are insured in most countries, according to non-official data, most banks lose from recovery of losses, result from skimming, between hundreds of thousands of EUR/USD yearly for each bank. The amount varies depending on country, bank type and size. According to preliminary estimates the widespread use of SkimProt can decrease these loses up to 50 – 60 %!

By SkimProt a serious question of the bank cards security is solved in an elegant and simple way.

Now, by knowing that there is a real risk of loosing your money, it's your responsibility to protect them!

Order now SkimProt and cut thefts' hands to your funds!

SkimProt is now available only for 10.00 ˆ* or 14.00 $* !
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- phone: +359-2-988-25-51; +359-898-20-25-76
- fax: +359-2-988-25-51
* - Please note that shipping and handling costs are not included on that price!

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